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The first meeting point: the product, the product is the tent column, and as marketing father Philip Kotler warns us, if the product weakens, marketing does not work and does not heal. Sweet words or apologies covered by compensation will not force the customer to continue. The product is the first meeting point.

Procedures: Is the second meeting point, the procedures here are intended for steps for the customer to obtain the product, quick, easy or difficult and complex steps,
We live in an age of speed and ease, and the client is no longer willing to wait, wants all things simple and concise, hates complexity and does not deal with complexities.

The third meeting point: is the employee himself, the human being with whom the client deals, and the humanity that encapsulates all dealings with the client, the smile has the effect of magic in the same client, and the employee who skimps his smile on his client has to leave and look for a place away from human beings

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