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In late December 2021, The President of Instagram (Adam) tweeted a short video outlining the priorities of the 2022 statute.

Mosseri explains in the video that Instagram plans to do more with the video next year, stressing that Instagram “is no longer just a photo-sharing app.”

So, what exactly does that mean? Although the video doesn’t go into detail, Mosseri says Instagram plans to focus primarily on increasing Reels and eventually integrating video content around short-form product.

If you’ve been following Instagram’s evolution over the past year or so, this ad probably won’t surprise you.

In recent months, the platform has quietly retreated from long content.
Instagram suddenly retired from the IGTV brand in October 2021.
Combine videos of up to 60 minutes into the main feed.
And turn Instagram TV content into a separate app.
At the same time, The Ryles has quickly become a center of the social media platform since the product first appeared in August (2020).
The short video format has been prominent in Instagram’s home screen list since late 2020, and The Ryles have been frequently featured in Instagram feeds since late 2021.

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